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Meet Your Practitioner

Stephanie Campbell, APRN-C

AcuteMed Telemedicine in Oklahoma

Stephanie Campbell, APRN-C

Stephanie Campbell, APRN-C is a Nurse Practitioner in primary care and is specialized in both adult and geriatrics. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Central Oklahoma, a Masters’ degree as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse from the University of Oklahoma, and is certified through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Stephanie grew up in Oklahoma and her family still resides in the Tulsa area. She has also lived in California, New Mexico, Arkansas and Wisconsin, but found her way back home 11 years ago.

During her time in Madison, WI., her primary care provider was a Nurse Practitioner.  It was at this time she experienced the care and compassion from her provider she believed all patients deserve 100% of the time.  She realized her true calling and began her journey to becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

Stephanie is an avid animal lover and currently lives with her husband Mark and dog, DJ. When not serving patients, she enjoys being outdoors and traveling. She looks forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family.

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